Sustainable Practices

Inspired by nature, made from nature.


All of our products are handcrafted by our artisans. The materials are mostly made up of plants and recycled plastics and we source our products as ethically as we can. We hire talented and skilful individuals from villages in Indonesia and we guarantee that there is no exploitation of child labours. They are mostly home based businesses which will only produce and manufacture if there are orders, therefore eliminating the factor of materials wastage. We do not aim to mass produce our products as we want to keep it as unique and limited as possible.


We will only remake products that are high in demand to meet the needs of our customers. Products like our baskets, rugs and bags are all hand weaved by our artisans. Each and every one of them speaks volume and will never be identical as the others. 


We also believe in fair trading and we provide fair wages to all our artisans. Many of the times these people are exploited for their talents and skills and are paid low wages. The main reason we handpick and outsource them from villages is to help them financially. Although realistically we know we are not able to help each and every one, we hope that we are able to slowly give back to the community by doing this.